ABOUT FACTS of Country

As we know Un-Employment is increasing every year.
Business are increasing but with No or Negligible Sales due to Un-Employment.
JOB safety is reduced which makes Businessman work with less margin,
Employee to work under pressure with Less salary.
Due to Un-Employment Fraud schemes , business , Crime has increased.
Our Politicians are giving only Sympathy & making money for either themselves or there close people.
Every year Debts of Every state & country is increasing & no politicians is trying to solve.


Rejecting the OLD & Corrupt Politicians by VOTE POWER.
Selecting our Own New Candidates for Solving the Country issues.
Promoting the vision by Supporting New candidate's.

PLAN A : With fear of Loosing they will solve the problems or
PLAN B: Our Team will Solve the Problems.

in PLAN B: Candidate's will be Min.Degree & above.
Selection Criteria's will be informed during selection.

CONGRESS BJP has failed to provide 2 Cr.Per year JOBS. --Rahul Gandhi

BJP CONGRESS has failed to remove poverty & also in providing JOBS. --Amit Shah

70 Crore Population & ONLY
3 Cr. Govt. JOBS in INDIA